Rejuvenation Through Spa Treatments at Ojaswi Himalayan Resort, Mukteshwar

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Living in metro cities can be a hectic experience where you are constantly trapped between deadlines and rush hour traffic. Take a break from your busy life and enjoy the wide array of benefits that spa and wellness treatments offer. Ojaswi Himalayan Resort, Mukteshwar, nestled amidst the Himalayas provides a wide range of spa and wellness therapies for uplifting your physical and mental well health. The resort is ideal for relaxing in the lap of Mother Nature. Enjoy the spa sessions and immerse in the tranquility of the place to detox your mind and soul.

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Spa treatments include a variety of body massages, facials and body wraps. Spa refers to medicinal bathing which is good for your mind, body and soul. Modern day spa treatments are designed to cater to numerous health issues like Arthritis, skin problems and muscle pains. Ayurvedic spa treatments involve the use of traditional herbal medicines. The treatments stimulate your lymphatic system and essentially help in getting rid of the toxins and make you feel calm and relaxed. There are body exfoliation treatments which are beneficial for the skin and give you a clean and radiant look. A relaxing spa session releases serotonin, putting your mind in a 'feel good' state.

Spa and touch therapy are intrinsically connected to each other. Sometimes, improper postures lead to unwanted pains in our body. Massage at pressure points of your body will regulate blood circulation and result in proper oxygen supply and rejuvenation. The benefits of spa and wellness treatments are plenty and at Ojaswi Himalayan Resort we have experts who use holistic methods to give you the best results. We invite you to our resort to experience the amazing benefits of spa and wellness treatments.