Feel the mountain breeze in Mukteshwar

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Ojaswi Himalayan Resort is everything your small {or big} family needs for a hill vacation. First, it’s not Nainital. Plus, the cottages and views are lovely, the authentic Kumaoni food is delish and there are adventure activities {think rock climbing and rappelling} for the young and restless not too far from here.

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Reaching Ojaswi, Mukteshwar

If coordination or directions isn’t your family organiser’s forte, know that reaching and staying at this resort will require very little. It’s well-connected and you can drive for nine hours {with nine breaks, maybe} to this boutique property that’s plonked at a lovely spot in Mukteshwar.

The comforts you seek when traveling with a biggish group will be sorted right from taxis to meals and hot milk at an ungodly hour or even activities. The nature-loving folks can stare at the Nanda Devi peaks and drink endless cups of chai. The healthier lot can sign up for morning yoga that can also be arranged in the middle of the Shitla orchard. For the easily bored, there are treks, cycling trails, and rock climbing. Or, you can take sibling rivalries to the many board games the resort has – table tennis, carom, video games and more. 

In short, life’s sorted for everyone.

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Not A Dull Moment

Terrace, viewing decks, balconies and even garden sit-outs… We love how most cottages come with their own green patch where you can lounge around for hours and catch up on family gossip. If your lazy bones need a little more pampering, book yourself at the spa. The tiny tots, meanwhile, can stay occupied at the activity area.

If we were you, we’d sign up for a lake tour for sure. Like we said, there’s enough to do both at the resort and around. We leave the itinerary to you because hey, who are we to decide what your ultimate fam bam should look like.

#LBBTip: Carry your own small speakers if you all like music too much but just make sure you aren’t disrupting the valley’s peace too much.

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