Sunset Retreat

Sunset Retreat Rooms, nestled below the pool and boasting a modest size of 200 square feet, exude an aura of coziness. These rooms offer a serene sunset view from their balconies, adding a touch of natural beauty to the stay. Despite the luxurious feel they provide, the economical price point makes them all the more appealing. The merging of comfort, affordability, and scenic beauty creates a memorable experience for guests seeking a tranquil retreat. In these rooms, one can unwind, soak in the ambiance of the setting sun, and cherish moments of peace and relaxation."

Why should you choose this?
- A grand bedroom for 2 Adults, 220sqft wooden room with Rustic stone interior
- Balcony with access to valley View & Sunset View
- King Size Bed, coffee table & chairs and 34 inch TV.
- Boutique style Bathroom with organic bathroom amenities
- Free Wi-Fi all the time
- Mesmerizing views of the Sunset & Valley