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Do you know why Uttarakhand is called Dev Bhoomi? Well, it is because of the presence of a multitude of Hindu pilgrimage spots. Uttarakhand is known as Dev Bhoomi from ancient times. The Pauravas, Kushanas, Kunindas, Guptas, Katyuris, Palas, the Chands, and Parmars or Panwars and the British have ruled Uttarakhand in turns.

We would like you to explore some of the interesting temple and religious sites of Kumaon. If you are interested in Indian Mythology and Religious history then these places should be in your must visit list. 

Stay, meals and transport will be organised by Ojaswi. These are hand picked and recommended places. You will be accompanied by a local guide who will tell you loads of stories to spice up your journey.

Duration: 4 Nights/ 5 Days

Sites Included:

1. Mukteshwar Dham Temple - Mukteshwar gets its name from an 350-year-old temple of Shiva, known as Mukteshwar Dham, situated atop the highest point in the town, on the veterinary institute's campus. Close to it lie the overhanging cliffs and Chauli Ki Jaali that should be on your must-visit list.

2. Chitai Golu Temple, Almora- This temple is situated in Almora, about 4 kilometers away from Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. The temple is dedicated to Lord Golu, who is a mythological and historical God of the Kumaun region.

3. Jageshwar - Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Jageshwar is a Hindu pilgrimage town in Almora. The town is home to numerous temples and places of interest including Jageshwar Mahadev temple, Sri Mahamritunjaya Mahadev temple, Jhanker Sam Mahadev temple, Jata Ganga river, Airavat Gufa, and more.

4. Patal Bhuvaneshwar - Situated in the Pithoragarh district, Patal Bhuvaneshwar is a limestone cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It contains a series of caves within caves which have various inscriptions with varying significance. 

5. Gangolihaat Mahakali Temple - Widely known as Haat Kalika Mandir, the temple houses one of the Shakti Peethas and is graced with a magical and sacred aura, making it a must-visit for the devotees of Kali.

6.KotgariBhagwati Mandir- This temple is dedicated to Maa Bhagwati and is visited by numerous devotees for all around the country.